Rittal RiMatrix Micro Data Centres Offers OT Solutions and Protection to Businesses


Rittal RiMatrix Micro Data ensures that IT is secure and operates with the smallest carbon emissions, regardless of the location. The combination of global standardization and adaptability means that these new packages make even better use of their advantages.

Rapidly growing data volumes must be processed directly on site far more frequently, whether for reasons of latency in edge computing in the factory or to send less data to the cloud. The goal is to increase data sovereignty and cut latency times.

This is ensured by RiMatrix Micro Data Centre, a compact home for fully fledged data centres with every key OT system element such as matching rack, power, cooling, monitoring, and security features. Besides being used as an edge data centre in harsh environments, it can provide the complete IT infrastructure for administrations and supermarkets without extensive structural changes. The RiMatrix Micro Data Centre can also back up data at locations calling for a high level of physical protection.

The new Rittal Micro Data Centres are pre-configured for different output classes and applications, with feasibility checks for customized applications. This saves time, speeds up configuration, and cuts energy consumption, as the components in the overall system are coordinated.

Rittal has also developed a configurator that allows sales partners to select the right data centres for its clients. This online tool offers a feasibility check, error-free ordering procedure, and slashes the time needed for selection, delivery, and commission. “It’s amazing to be a part of the team, delivering IT solutions with efficiency and speeding up with the New RiMatrix Micro Data Centres,“ says Ignatius Emanuel, Marketing Manager, Rittal Middle East.

Rittal GmbH & Co. KG was awarded ‘Top 100 Seal’ as one of Germany’s most innovative medium-sized companies.

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