Savoye’s Introduces Advanced Supply Chain Software Services to the Middle East


Savoye is a global provider of supply chain solutions with a large portfolio of solutions that combine hardware and software. Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director, Savoye Middle East speaks to The Integrator regarding their experience at Seamless Middle East and the outcome of participation.

What are the new products and solutions Savoye presents to the Middle East market?

We provide advanced software services such as order management systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), transport management systems, warehouse control systems, B2B integration platforms, and ODATIO, a combination of warehouse management systems and transport management systems. Other technological services of Savoye include goods-to-person and goods-to-robot preparation, mobile robot solution, plug-and-play conveyor, packing machines, automated pallet storage, picking tools, and robotic lockers.

Alain Kaddoum, Managing Director, Savoye Middle East, Savoye

Our key solutions:

  • ODATIO offers an end-to-end visibility platform ensuring that the entire supply chain process is managed from manufacturing to delivery while controlling the cost and risks of wholesale distribution, logistics, and retailing.
  • HAIPICK solution: it features autonomous and intelligent functions such as robots that pick and place boxes or bins on storage shelves which can be up to five to seven meters high.
  • X-PTS goods-to-person solution: A supply chain solution, which is designed to enhance the operational efficiency of micro-fulfillment centers of grocery e-commerce in the Middle East.

Can you speak about the outcome, in terms of new partnerships, MoUs, etc., at Seamless Middle East?

It was a good opportunity for SAVOYE Middle East to participate in the Seamless Middle East for the first time. We showcased our HAIPICK solution at the event which attracted interest from many companies, especially 3PL companies and e-commerce. We are currently organizing meetings to go into in-depth discussions to build the most suitable solutions, combining both software and automation systems.

Explain the constraints the logistic industry faces in the post-pandemic era and how Savoye can resolve them.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency to adopt digital innovations and automation to sustain business operations, driving organizations to increase investments in smart technologies. Our priority is to further develop innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions, addressing the challenges and complexities of logistics operations. We offer robotic solutions that help tackle the challenges of the increasing demands by consumers in the supply chain.

Logistic automation is considered to be one of the radical steps the industry takes, today, and what is your take on it?

As the business landscape has become increasingly competitive, we can see a need for timely and standard delivery. This has led to a greater demand for automation systems and artificial intelligence tools.  Automation is now one of the highly preferred technologies among industry stakeholders. It helps speed up logistical operations meeting consumer demands and saves a significant amount of cost and time. Automated logistics provides a major advantage of real-time access to loading and data analysis, which helps companies to make informed decisions.

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