SentinelOne to Demonstrate Autonomous XDR Cybersecurity Platform and Identity Protection Solution at Cairo ICT 2022


Cybersecurity experts and executives will be on hand at SentinelOne’s booth to discuss and highlight the many powerful features of its market-leading cybersecurity solutions

SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, has announced its intent to participate at Cairo ICT 2022 from 27-30 November and will highlight its cutting-edge autonomous extended detection and response (XDR) platform, and identity and credential protection solutions.

Cairo ICT is a key technology fair and forum for the Middle East and Africa region. The 26th edition is being held under the slogan ‘Leading Change’ and will focus on several topics: innovative solutions for modern data centers; 5G & IoT; cybersecurity; digital transformation and global digital government transformation. The topics align with Egypt’s ICT 2030 strategy, which aims to contribute to achieving the objectives of Egypt’s Vision 2030 through the building ‘Digital Egypt’ initiative.

Digital Egypt is positioned as an all-encompassing vision and plan, which lays the foundations for the transformation of Egypt into a digital society. Its strategy is built on three main pillars including digital transformation, digital skills and jobs, and digital innovation.

“Cairo ICT is one of the region’s most established technology events and has maintained its standing as a keystone event coming out of the pandemic. We are excited to join the 26th edition and are eager to demonstrate our industry-leading Singularity XDR and Singularity for Identity autonomous cybersecurity solutions, which have already proven themselves in applications around the world. Egypt is stepping up its focus on ICT and digital transformation, which in turn means that organizations in the public and private sectors need to deploy powerful enterprise-focused cybersecurity solutions to secure their assets in the face of a continuously evolving threat landscape,” said Tamer Odeh, Regional Sales Director, SentinelOne.

According to International Trade Administration data, the ICT sector in Egypt is growing at a rate that’s higher than Egypt’s overall level of GDP growth, equivalent to 16% in the fiscal year 2020/2021 compared to 15.2% in the year 2019/2020. The ICT sector’s contribution to GDP has increased to 5% in the fiscal year 2020/2021 compared to 4.4% in 2019/2020, and total investments in the sector in the year 2020/2021 reached almost US $3 billion, as the country embraces technology and digital transformation to diversify and strengthen its economy.

As the country broadly embraces technology and digital transformation, it’s critical that organizations in the public and private sectors also invest in cybersecurity solutions, to protect against potential attacks from global threat actors.

“The threat landscape today is deadlier than ever and demands an efficient and effective response by cybersecurity solutions such as ours, which offer enterprise-wide autonomous, comprehensive, and responsive protection that can protect organizations from breaches that can cause significant time and financial impact. We look forward to showcasing our solutions to visitors at the event and, equally, to meeting with existing partners and new potential customers at Cairo ICT 2022,” added Odeh.

As technology is embedded across an enterprise, it’s critical that cybersecurity solutions can also be seen across the organization’s infrastructure, and offer effective protection, as well as an automated response across the connected security ecosystem. SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR was designed with these requirements in mind; it can autonomously supercharge, fortify, automate, and extend protection from the endpoint to beyond, with unfettered visibility, proven protection, and industry-leading responsiveness.

Singularity XDR was designed to be better, faster, and more autonomous; this has set the solution apart as a comprehensively better approach to cybersecurity when compared to traditional approaches. In addition, the cutting-edge solution was designed to keep the security analyst experience in mind from the start, which means it empowers users with richer data, smarter workflows, and powerful tools at every step of the threat lifecycle.

In recent years, as identity-based infrastructure has become a core function of scaling business, ‘identity’ cybersecurity has become a critical part of the cybersecurity mix. Today, cybersecurity experts increasingly warn that this surface has become a primary attack vector for threat actors, with weaknesses and misuse of Active Directory playing a significant part in recent, highly disruptive ransomware attacks. This means it is vital organizations take a holistic approach to secure their identity layer.

Designed to address this cybersecurity requirement comprehensively, SentinelOne’s trusted Singularity for Identity solution can: prevent attack opportunities by closing the gaps in Active Directory and Azure AD that attackers frequently exploit; prevent attack progression by finding and misdirecting covert actors aiming to steal credentials; build resilience by ascertaining insights and intelligence from attempted attacks to prevent repeated compromises.

Senior executives and cybersecurity experts from SentinelOne will be at stand 2G10 to meet with customers and partners over the course of Cairo ICT 2022.

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