SunMoney’s SDBN2 asset-backed cryptocurrency token


SunMoney Solar Group, which operates the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, has recently opened applications for its SDBN2 token, following the successful sale of all SDBN1 tokens introduced previously. This cryptocurrency is backed by the SunMoney Solar Group’s growing solar power production capacity. The Integrator spoke with Peter Bahorecz, Partner, Chief Networking Officer, SunMoney Solar Group, to learn more about the token’s purpose and benefits.

Please brief us about Sunmoney’s expansion plans in the region.

We are highly focussed on expanding the awareness of our latest asset-backed cryptocurrency token, the SDBN2, in the Middle East. We have recently opened applications for the value-producing token after the success of our previous token, the SDBN1, and are investing our efforts towards building on the same. Apart from that, we believe that engaging with local companies is the most effective approach to creating meaningful and lasting change in the Middle East and South Africa, as they possess the expertise of their environment that will be invaluable to us as we expand our reach across these regions.

How vital are green investments for making good on global ESG goals?

Companies that do not invest in renewable energy or other green initiatives may have a negative impact on their local environment and the planet as a whole. Green investments not only help combat climate change but also increase economic opportunities for those living in developing countries by providing jobs related to solar panel installation and maintenance, among others. By investing in green initiatives, companies can take responsibility for their carbon footprint while simultaneously demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. This is an important step towards achieving global ESG goals that promote environmental protection and social development.

Can you tell us about the SDBN 2 token in detail, please?

The SDBN2 token is a revolutionary digital currency that operates on the Smart Digital Business Network (SDBN), and it is backed by the increasing capacity of SunMoney Solar Group to generate renewable energy from their solar parks. By investing in the SDBN2 token, all investors can capitalize on a tangible, permanent resource with long-term value. It is a great green investment that generates dividends for its holders each month—automatically multiplying their wealth! Offering an established infrastructure with a dependable guarantor system, this digital currency has unlimited potential for growth and lucrative gains.

Is there a specific reason/benefit why SunMoney decided to foray into the blockchain platform?

Yes, we saw several distinct advantages of using blockchain technology. By integrating blockchain into their platform, we are able to offer a secure and transparent system that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to invest. Blockchain also ensures data integrity and protection against manipulation, increases system performance and efficiency, reduces transaction and administrative costs, improves efficiency, and increases investor confidence. This has resulted in more money flowing into the sector.

How is an asset-backed value-generating cryptocurrency token different from a regular cryptocurrency token?

An asset-backed value-generating cryptocurrency token is different from a regular cryptocurrency token in that it is backed by actual assets. This means that the value of the token is based on something tangible, which gives them an inherent value beyond just being a currency, thus, making them more lucrative investments for those looking to diversify their portfolios. The potential for growth through appreciation in price makes asset-backed tokens attractive investments for those looking to capitalize on market changes and trends.