The window of opportunity


There is a great window of opportunity for the IT supply chain ecosystem as a new generation of products and technologies sweep in. Businesses will need to buckle up and compete by building up a portfolio of products or solutions that are more relevant to the end buyers or end users they target. from VR to AI, cloud to IoT, the landscape is fast transforming. We will get a good preview of what new technologies are there as well as are coming into the market during GITEX Technology Week in this October.

Companies that have for long been in the market must continue to use high visibility platforms like GITEX Shopper, GITEX Technology Week, GISEC etc to showcase what they offer to the market. They should increase avenues of engaging more with partners and customers and participation in events like GITEX will definitely keep them on the radar of good prospects, both partners and customers.  Participating at events such as Gitex Shopper that enhance the consumer electronics retail sector while providing a valuable shopping experience to customers.

Additionally, companies should also build a strategy towards adding more services around all product segments or solutions of focus. For instance, In the volume consumer segment, when purchases of new devices could possibly be on the lower side of industry forecasts, extending the business scope by offering a paraphernalia of services would be a good measure to offset any sales decline. That can also keep the number of walk-in customers on the healthier side. And further, that increased footfall may provide chances of increased sell out as the customers could possibly engage with showroom sales staff on any new products available.

Even in niches like gaming consoles for instance, there is a good opportunity to provide service to consumers, who may have a previous generation device. In the course of the engagement, the customer may also pick up a few gaming software titles that gets the additional dirhams in. The strategy therefore should be towards building more instances of customer engagement in support that can increase possibilities of new sales. That is the window of opportunity that the channel needs to seize.