Trend Micro on Evolving Threat Landscape and its Future Iterations


Trend Micro is a cybersecurity service provider. The company develops and markets internet and computer content security and threat management solutions. Bilal Baig, Technical Director for Middle East and Africa, discusses Trend Micro’s approach to their partners, customers, and latest technological capabilities.

How is Trend Micro focusing on cybersecurity for IoT?

Trend Micro has various solutions and segments. One of these segments is IoT and ICS security. We also have a dedicated line of products to support this particular segment. We cover everything related to ICS and IoT, from sensors to aggregate-built IPS systems. Additionally, at the back end, we have an IoT reputation service. For example, plug in your smart fridge, and it starts to communicate outside the network and tries to download malicious content. Our smart protection network (the Trend Micro back-end for reputation) can see that and manage the traffic to block malicious content.

What are the highlights for Trend Micro in 2022 and 2023?

Globally, we have been in the market for more than 25 years and have several strategic alliances worldwide. In particular, we will work with the ICS vendors to build more partnerships. On the other side, we focus on AWS and Azure on the cloud, a significant segment of our alliances. We have dedicated teams working on that and consistently improving upon it.

What products and solutions will you be showcasing at GITEX 2022?

Our portfolio is divided into four parts. We have a portfolio called Trend Micro Workforce One, which covers everything to do with enterprise users and connects everyday workforces.

Trend Micro Cloud One also protects everything on the cloud, including hybrid cloud, cloud-native applications, and cloud-born companies designing their apps. We are providing security for cloud-based operations through Cloud One.

Our third portfolio is our Trend Micro Network One, which has everything to do with protecting an organization’s network against threats from within and outside of its digital environments. So, we have the sandboxing, either on the cloud or on the IPS. All these portfolios are either cloud-based, SaaS-based or, as mentioned, on-premises.

The great thing about this is that we have Trend Micro Vision One, which gets all the Telemetry data from all these solutions into one console. We talked about EPP, which evolved to EDR, and EDR evolved into XDR. Now, we are talking about attack surface management and risks. What is the chance of a particular organization, and what is the attack surface? Well, it does not matter where you are and if you are working outside or within a corporate environment; we can analyze a company’s attack surface.

The other aspect we highlight is how most companies are moving towards Software-as-a-Service capabilities or manage detection response. Moreover, this year at GITEX, we brought in specialized ICS modules. It shows the full industry-based attack simulation in a box with a real-time demo environment offering how the attacks happen.

Trend Micro is always one step ahead and ensures that the products and services we introduce provide protection and visibility to our customers.