Uniphore Acquires Colabo to Deliver Knowledge AI and Automation


Uniphore, the conversational automation solution provider, has announced that it has acquired Colabo, an AI-powered knowledge automation solution that specializes in extracting and utilizing information from structured and unstructured documents in real time.

“Simply put, consumers today expect access to up-to-date information to solve their problems and contact centers can provide better experiences with the latest technologies that do exactly that,” said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore

Yoav Dembak, co-founder & CEO, Colabo, commented, “I am proud to say we have achieved that and will be taking our vision even further by integrating into Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform, bringing rigor and best-of-breed agility and accuracy to every contact center inquiry.”

Colabo claims, its innovative AI solution powers customer engagement solutions by unifying knowledge from any digital and physical content into a seamless, and personalized omni-channel experience.

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