Wacom’s digital pen for learning, teaching, and creativity


Wacom is the global leader in the pen display and tablet market for creative users, which provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners using and producing smartphones, tablets, and digital stationery. The company operates through Brand Business, Technology Solution Business, and Other Business segments.

Wacom Branded Business, Technology Solution Business, and other business segments are transforming the creative industries at lightning speed. The ever-growing demand for original content and new designs leads to complex, high-volume workflows with a need for absolute precision that requires intuitive and efficient digital creative tools. Wacom pioneered the idea of the digital pen, which is still the best and most intuitive instrument to express human creativity. True to its name, which combines the Japanese syllable ‘Wa’ for harmony and ‘Com’ for computer, the company started to develop an intuitive input device for the more creative uses of a computer. In pioneering its ground-breaking EMR-Technology, Wacom created its first digital pen tablet.

Today, Wacom’s digital pen tablets and high-res digital pen displays are at the heart of many workflows of the creative industry. They work like interactive digital drawing tables; for many digital artists, the pressure-sensitive pen is just a natural extension of their hand. They combine the natural feel and familiar effects of traditional pencils, markers, and brushes with a digital workflow’s precision, control, and editability.

Tools for the creative industry

A world filled with screens and displays for communication and entertainment relies on professional digital creatives to fill them with content. From storyboarding to post-production work, world-renowned animators, game developers, CGI artists, and 3D sculptors turn to Wacom pen and display technology to create the characters, creatures, special effects, and worlds in the games and movies that fans adore.

In other creative workflows, like industrial design and fast fashion, time is quite literally money. Every false start or mistake can delay a product rollout or increase the cost of a development project.

Architecture is another industry that needs detailed designs and compelling visualizations. Add to that the increasing need for smart buildings and the progressing digitalization of the construction industry. With Wacom, architects have a digital drafting table with the tools they need to sketch, conceptual design elements, color drawings, compile layouts, create 3D models and render presentations more efficiently.

Bringing the pen into the digital classroom

Schools and universities worldwide are harnessing the power of Wacom’s digital pen technology to meet the challenges of the digital classroom, hybrid and distance learning, e-learning, and online collaboration. The interactive pen tablets and displays help teachers and students to express themselves more naturally and explain concepts visually. It allows them to continue the methods they are familiar with from conventional lessons and connect and exchange information with each other online. Especially for the important STEAM subjects (science, tech, engineering, art, maths), there are many exciting application possibilities.

Inspiring and supporting creatives

Creative professionals, as well as passionate enthusiasts and hobbyists, find in Wacom, a partner that provides them with the tools and solutions to support their creative ambitions. The vision is to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies. This advanced technology provides creative professionals with the right tools to express their personality and offers studios and other businesses reliable solutions to meet the demands of complex workflows.