With Enhanced AI and IoT Integration, D-Link Devices Cater to the 5G Demands


D-Link is one of the global leaders in the design and manufacture of networking, broadband, digital, voice, and data communications solutions. The company caters products to the connectivity needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprise environments. Sakkeer Hussain, Director – Sales & Marketing, D-Link Middle East & Africa speaks about the innovative networking solutions the company has presented to its SMB customers.

Tell us about D-Link’s newer/upgraded products presented to the SMBs and large enterprises

We have recently announced EAGLE PRO AI AX3200 Mesh Systems, which is designed for today’s device-dense smart homes. These systems are equipped with dual-band wireless speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, including 1024 QAM, MU – MIMO, and OFDMA technologies. They are available in both 2-pack (M32-2) and 3-pack (M32-3) formats. The built-in AI Wi-Fi Optimizer continuously connects to the best Wi-Fi channel and AI Traffic Optimizer prioritizes the most critical internet usage. EAGLE PRO AI AX3200 Mesh Systems can be easily managed through the EAGLE PRO AI app.

Some of our recent launches include Covr Series Wi-Fi 6 solution and EAGLE PRO AI Series.

Covr Series Wi-Fi 6 solution:

This also includes multi-pack options that are all equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and mesh technology to provide faster speeds, greater capacity, and less network congestion for the modern device-dense smart home. With the next-generation speed of up to 1.8 Gbps total, Covr AX Wi-Fi 6 solutions are perfect for simultaneous 4K streaming, VR gaming, video calling, and keeping the smart home connected. They also feature 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for optional wired connectivity.


It features a comprehensive range of routers to fulfill everyone’s needs for home Wi-Fi and 4G Wi-Fi. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6 Technology, the R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Smart Router, M15 AX1500 Mesh Router, and E15 AX1500 Mesh Range Extender deliver up to four times more capacity and a 40 percent throughput increase than Wi-Fi 5. The R03, R04, and R12 Wi-Fi AI Routers are entry-level devices for emerging markets that provide the latest WPA3 security encryption for more secure connectivity. The EAGLE PRO AI series also includes 4G AI Routers G415 and G416, as well as entry-level models G403 and G412, all with two built-in external LTE antennas.

Additionally, the G416 utilizes Carrier Aggregation technology to boost data speeds up to 300 Mbps. Carrier Aggregation provides the foundation for deploying 4G and 5G networks, with the capability to combine several frequency bands for higher peak rates and increased cell coverage.

Other new launches include DCS-8300LHV2 Full HD Wi-Fi Camera with AI-based person detection, Outdoor Industrial AC1200 Access Point DIS-3650AP and Indoor Industrial Access Point DIS-2650AP, and so on.

How prepared are you with the latest devices/solutions for the emerging 5G communication technologies, IoT, and AI?

D-Link is always a step or two ahead of the market curve. All our new products are integrated with AI and internet of things (IoT) and equipped to cater to the 5G demand. We are also seeing an increased appetite for these technologies from the customers’ end as they see and understand the benefits clearly.

Sakkeer Hussain, Director – Sales & Marketing, D-Link MEA

What sorts of network security competencies are currently presented to your enterprise customers?

D-Link’s VPN Routers and UTM Firewalls offer secure, high-performance networking solutions to address the growing security needs of any business network. With advanced VPN features like Dynamic Content Filtering, to Enterprise-Class Firewall Security, there is a D-Link Network Security device for every business need.

D-Link UTM Firewalls combine the best of both worlds by integrating a mature and proven firewall with next-generation technologies. They offer advanced Deep Application Content Control that allows customers to control how applications are being used in a proactive and “zero-day” approach. Customers now have intelligent, robust security within reach with D-Link UTM Firewalls.

Elaborate on the strengths and channel strategies that keep D-Link ahead of its competitors

At D-Link, our channel partners are our family, they are our representatives in the market. We work very closely with our partner ecosystem to deliver pioneering products and solutions to help customers grow in the digital era. As a partner-led company, building partners’ businesses continue to be our top priority. We provide them with all the relevant resources they need to grow their operations. The distributed environment and hybrid work models have led us to create stronger digital initiatives to help partners reach their customers at any time and from any place.

Besides having a robust partner ecosystem as our strength, D-Link also ensures to have innovation and creativity as part of our DNA. We understand customers’ immediate needs while also assessing their long-term requirements and offer comprehensive solutions.

Explain the sustainable and green technology initiatives of D-Link

Climate change is having an adverse impact on the planet, which is why D-Link remains firmly committed to protecting the environment along every step of its product supply chain.

Back in 2009, we initiated the D-Link “Green Project,” which consists of three key solutions: green technologies to reduce energy consumption, compliance with green regulations by using non-toxic raw materials, and green packaging initiative to reduce the volume of packaging materials. We continue to follow these principles and do our part in contributing to the environment.

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