With Solid Partnership, ASBIS Aims to Help Businesses Advance With Emerging Technologies


ASBIS is one of the leading IT distributors in the Middle East with a wide range of IT solutions including networking infrastructure, software and security, and printing and business solutions. Hesham Tantawi, Vice President- MENA, ASBIS Middle East speaks about the company’s strategic focus and strength in the region.

We understand ASBIS extends its winning streak from the past year to this year. Elaborate a little on your current achievements

Yes. 2022 is treating ASBIS well, especially in terms of growth in the core products, irrespective of the less market growth in general.

Hesham Tantawi, Vice President- MENA, ASBIS Middle East

We have already achieved what we had planned for the last five years. We aimed for a solid partnership, and we are yielding the results now. We are also planning to open new segments in the distribution business, incorporating consumer-centric products with targeting a specific league of customers.

How competent are you in providing customers with advanced technologies (AI, cybersecurity, data analytics, etc.)

In addition to ASBIS’ earlier portfolio in the key business verticals (i.e., volume, value-added, and commercial services), we have recently added one more segment focused on consumers.

ASBIS aims to help business advance with emerging technologies, including data analytics, cyber security, and AI, and that is handled through our value vertical. It gives a competitive advantage for organizations when configuring themselves with these latest technologies. We enthusiastically work with system integrators and solution providers to make that happen. Supermicro, Seagate System, Infinidat, and TP-Link are a few leading vendors we present to customers from the value-added divisions. Plus, ASBIS is presenting itself as a one-stop shop for all organizational needs, incorporating retail, building management, agriculture, etc., of our customers.

Explain how ASBIS optimizes its business strategies around GITEX GLOBAL 2022

At GITEX, we are representing leading vendors with the entire portfolio in the following categories:

  • VOLUME: AMD, Intel, AFOX, Sapphire, PNY, AOC, ECS, and Lexmark
    • Storage: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Kingston, Transcend, QNAP, Synology, Dahua, Solidigm, Infortrend, DDN, and infinidat
  • VALUE:
    • Networking: TP-Link, Ubiquiti, Grandstream, Mimosa, Yealink, Yeaastar, and Mikrotik.
    • Server: Supermicro, NVIDIA, and Gigabyte
  • CONSUMER: Logitech, Bang and Olufsen, Loewe, Prestigio, Canyon, Lorgar, Aeno, and Perenio

Even though ASBIS’ policy is not to show itself at the event, we are conducting a client reach out and meeting program soon.

ASBIS’ strategies for 2023

The key strategy we have is that we will continue to create a solid association with our partners. We will integrate more brands, offer excellent support to the existing ones, and that’s the culture we followed since the beginning.

What is the size and structure of the organization you focus on as a distributor?

ASBIS is focusing on micro, medium, and big companies. Plus, we are open to working with everybody as we believe that everyone is adding value to the supply chain.

How do you evaluate the growth of ASBIS in the future?

ASBIS gained revenue of $3.7 billion. We are expecting a growth of $7.97 billion, which is bottom-line profitability, and we are determined to grow and go beyond.

From East Europe and Russia, ASBIS used to have 22 percent annual revenue. But now, the business isn’t operational there due to the ongoing geographic tensions. However, ASBIS is trying to add 2-3 percent additional revenue from other countries to compensate.


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