WSO2 Launches WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud to Meet B2B and B2C Demands


WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud is part of WSO2’s CIAM suite, which also includes the industry-leading, open-source WSO2 Identity Server software that manages more than 1 billion identities each year. WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud combines the proven B2C capabilities of the WSO2 CIAM suite with new B2B organization management functionality, which uniquely enables organizations to create multiple levels of B2B organizational hierarchies and lets administrators of each organization configure their own policies and processes.

WSO2 also introduced WSO2 Identity Server 6.0. Both the newest release of WSO2 Identity Server and the new WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud build on the current WSO2 CIAM suite to add significant new features. These include integration with third-party analytics tools, integration with TypingDNA for authentication based on typing biometrics, multi-attribute log-in support to give users more sign-in options, and device flow support to bring CIAM to a broader range of devices.

“More than a quarter of our CIAM customer base has started using WSO2 Identity Server for B2B, which gave us valuable real-world insights into how to support enterprises’ increasingly sophisticated market requirements with our new WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud,” said Geethika Cooray, vice president and general manager of identity and access management at WSO2.

Extending CIAM from B2C to B2B

WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud supports the growing demand to extend CIAM from B2C to B2B by building on the industry-leading functionality already in use with WSO2 Identity Server, the uniquely extensible, API-driven, cloud native product that enables developers to harness the power of CIAM without being security experts. It incorporates the ability to federate, authenticate and manage identities; bridge across heterogeneous identity protocols; and secure access to web and mobile applications along with API-based endpoints.

Additionally, WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud goes beyond WSO2 Identity Server 6.0 to provide robust support for B2B business models through the new B2B organization management feature.


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